Mission Of Mercy Is A Multi Faceted, Multi-Dimensional, Non Denominational Ministry Divinely Raised To Effectively Preach The Gospel By Demonstrating The Power Of God’s Love.

Daily Programs
1. “Praying His Will” Daily Devotional On True Life Fire Prayer Altar On WhatsApp.

Praying His Will Daily Devotional is aimed at giving you
Absolute Answers to questions of life;
Bless You Beyond Measure and above all,
Help You Access The Keys To The Gates Of The Day As You Seek To Possess Your Possessions.

To be a part kindly send us your WhatsApp number for inclusion.

2. Mid-Night Prayer Watch With Apostle Mike Akwudi On Facebook Live – 11PM Daily.
The Mid-Night Prayer Watch Is A Place For Spiritual Legislature, Where Spiritual Champions Are Raised To Address The Forces That Hinder People At Night. Over 500 viewers partake of it from different parts of the world. Be a part!

Weekly Programs
1. Sunday: Real Life Worship Service 7:00 – 9:30am
2. Tuesdays: Hour Of Miracles – 10am – 12:30pm
3. Wednesdays: Bible Study – 5:00 – 7:30pm
4. Fridays: – Revival Hour – 5:00 – 7:30pm
5. Saturdays: Moment Of Truth Broadcast On Youtube – 6am &
Children’s Weekend Bible Classes – 3:00 – 4:30pm

Monthly Programs:
Last Fridays Of Every Month – One Night Of Change (Prayer & Prophetic Night)

Annual Events
1. Proclaimed General Fasting – January/February

2. Miracle Child Ministry’s Week – May

3. True Life Ambassadors Week/Conference – July

4. Mentorship Connect – August

5. True Builders Women Conference – October

6. Real Conference – November/December

7. End Of Year Covenant Night – 31st December.